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We’ve been creating the most successful loan officers and branches in the market for over two decades. We’ve been able to do this through a dogmatic focus on The Simple Truths.

The price is right

We know everyone likes to say it’s not all
about price but we think it’s a lot about
price. That’s why we’ve engineered Loan
Simple to price like a wholesale broker but
provide service levels like a banker.

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Take your pick

Not all files are the same and no two clients have the same challenges. Having flexibility within your comp is fairly essential to your success. That’s why we offer a Flexible Comp Plan to ensure you don’t lose deals.

Our Flex Comp

Square peg,
round hole

Residential mortgage loans don’t provide a one
size fits all solution and without options you’re
going to miss out on a whole lot of business. At
Loan Simple we don’t mess around when it comes
to product. We have a dedicated Product
Development Division
that is always looking for
new products and a Deal Desk to ensure you
don’t miss an opportunity. Don’t let a lack of
product, or lack of knowledge about products,
keep you from growing.

If we don’t have it, broker it. We’re here to help you
close loans.

Our Products

Show me
the money

This is Simple, we pay every Friday. If you fund by Wednesday, you will get paid on Friday. We don’t make you float your bills for 30-45 days while we work on selling, or servicing, the loan in the secondary market.

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Our competitiveadvantage

In this hyper-competitive market you can’t afford to blend in. At Loan Simple we make you stand out where it counts:

Five-Thousand Dollar Closing Guarantee: That’s right, we have a $5K Closing Guarantee on our approvals paid to the seller

Lock and Shop: At Loan Simple you can lock your rate in while your clients are out looking for their new home.

Full TBD Underwrite: We do a full underwrite on to be determined properties. That includes income, assets, and credit to ensure our approvals perform like cash.

Stand Out

Speed is subjective

What good is a 24hr turn time when your approval
comes back with a laundry list of conditions. At
Loan Simple our Underwriters are experienced
pros focused on closing loans. The do this by
eliminating conditions, throwing out overlays,
finding solutions, and clearing the way to a fast
and easy closing.

  • 24hr Turn Times
  • 10 Day Closings
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We have a BIG footprint, and we can help you increase the number of markets you’re working within. Our Licensing Crew can help you find new markets that could seriously increase your production.

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Experts only

Support is only as good as the person on the other end of the line. At Loan Simple we eliminate the middlemen, and traffic cops, and connect you right to the source.

You can chat, share your screen, video conference, hold a meeting, or just an old-fashioned call with ANYONE in our company on Teams.

Yep, we use phones, and we answer them. Real Training – We offer weekly training sessions along with private sessions to ensure you’re always humming along.

We offer weekly training sessions along with private sessions to ensure you’re always humming along.

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Effort is great,
execution is better

There’s a reason we’re good and that reason is that we have over two decades of experience. As a result, we’re the PROs, that hire the PROs, that work with, and build, the PROs that are our LOs and Branches at Loan Simple.

Become a Pro

With over two decades experience in the residential mortgage industry Loan Simple has become the best mortgage lending platform for both Loan Advisors and Branches in the market today. It’s no secret that a dogmatic focus on providing the features that truly matter in this hyper-competitive market is one of the key ingredients to our success, but we like to think the secret sauce is our people.

We have the BEST people.

We have slowly built up a team of ALL-STAR Mortgage Rockstars at Loan Simple and the fact of the matter is that EXPERIENCE MATTERS.

We’re built by PROs.
Run by PROs, and
We create PROs in our LOs and Branches

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