Meet Simple Loan

Meet simple.

Simple is something everyone can wrap their heads around and people get really happy when simple shows up. That’s because simple is the ultimate helper when it comes to getting things done.

What’s so great about simple?

Simple works how you want to work. You can DIY your own way through the entire mortgage process and get the whole thing done right here. Or, if you want expert guidance every step of the way all you have to do is simply ask.


Here’s what simple does.

Lead Foot

Simple has a lead foot.

We streamline the process so that you can move fast. Plus, we communicate really well so that everyone is always on the same page. That really puts the pedal to the metal.

Simple is the ultimate wingman.

Buying a house is the biggest purchase most people will make. We do all the heavy lifting for you and take the weight off of your shoulders. It’s a good time to have simple on your side.

Simple keeps it simple.

We believe that home ownership equals financial freedom. So we cut through all of the complex mortgage mumbo jumbo and show you how simple it really is to get it done.

How is simple going to help me?

We’re gonna save you a bundle in aspirin. Whether you’re buying a house or refinancing your mortgage we streamline the process, do as much of the heavy lifting as possible and save you a whole bunch of headaches along the way.


Here's how simple works


Simple is all about options.

Some people like to do it themselves. Other people want expert guidance every step of the way. We make it simple to work how you want to work.

Simple suits everyone.

From buying your first home to purchasing investment properties, we find the best way to make your dream happen. We offer different loan types to suit your individual needs.

Simple is best friends with awesome.

This isn’t a refrigerator you’re buying. This is your home. It’s a big deal and we want it to be an awesome experience. We make it stress-free so you can actually enjoy achieving your dream.

Why shouldn’t I use some other lender?

Frankly, sometimes you should. We recommend talking to several. When you talk to us, we’re going to look at your unique situation and give you an honest opinion of what’s best for you. If it’s not us, we’ll point you in the right direction.


Why so simple?

Simple turns a scary movie into a romantic comedy.

The mortgage industry is overly complex and complicated. It has its own language and there’s math involved. Simple takes away all the scary stuff. And you’re gonna love the ending.

Simple sets you free.

Owning a home equals financial freedom. We make it simple. And once you begin to build equity, we can show you how to make your home work for you.

Simple gets you home.

A house is so much more than a roof over your head. It’s a big part of who you are. A place for all the people you love and all the things you love to do. There really is, no place like it.

Lending a hand is simple.

We take a small portion from what we earn on every loan and donate it to places where it can help the most. This year we were able to donate 80,000 meals to Feeding America and 15,000 books to Reading is Fundamental.

We give back

Why we give back.

We have the best job in the world.

We’re in the business of helping people make their dreams come true. Our job is to help people live their best lives. Sometimes that means a loan. And sometimes it means lending a hand.

Everyone matters.

We’re big believers in the power of home. But a home is only as strong as the community that surrounds it. We look for ways to make the widest impact, because we think everyone matters.

Giving feels good.

At the end of the year, once all the bills are paid and a bit is tucked away for a rainy day, it feels really good to give. Not to get sappy but making the world a better place is what it’s all about.